Fusebox fze is a leading consumer electronics and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) distributor active in Europe, Asia, Africa, America & the Middle East with over 15 years market experience and expertise in the sector.

The main principles of the company are based on its abilities to ensure daily updated pricing and the quality of its products & services which build trust and forge long-standing relationships with its business partners.

We serve customers in all continents offering high-end branded consumer electronics products and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). In consumer electronics we specializein Mobile Phones, Led TV, PC’s/Laptops/Tablets, PC Components & Peripherals, Networking, Gaming, White goods & Small Appliances. For PPE we offer products such as Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Wipes, Cleaning Products, Protective gloves, Face Shields, Face Masks, Overalls and more.